WhoMadeWho [Live] at Cirque Noir
to May 6

WhoMadeWho [Live] at Cirque Noir

Don't believe in magic? Come experience it for yourself on Saturday, May 5th at Post HTX when we paint the town with the colors of our souls for the last Cirque Noir show of the summer.
Join us for a night of divine tunes and inspiring art, we've booked a very special treat for you. The trio band WhoMadeWho [Live] is joining us all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark to make their debut in Houston, Texas. As a live band, WhoMadeWho has played alongside genre bending contemporaries including Daft Punk, Soulwax, Hot Chip, Justice and LCD Soundsystem. Join us for this internationally acclaimed musical force hosted by your very favorite night circus.
Come early and experience the Market Noir by Post Flea which offers the best in art, food & local vendors. Expect live music, Dj's, a full bar and more. We promise you won't want to miss.

YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPncXfPL6hA

Tix: www.wmw-cirque-noir.eventbrite.com

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Cirque Noir presents Desert Hearts Take the Ride to Houston
to Nov 18

Cirque Noir presents Desert Hearts Take the Ride to Houston

The return of Desert Hearts crew Friday, November 17th, Come and expriance our hearts floating in the deserts at Post HTX and listen to the beats of "HOUSE, TECHNO, and LOVE"...

Desert Hearts Headliners:

Mikey Lion / www.soundcloud.com/MikeyLion

Lee Reynolds / www.soundcloud.com/Lee_Reynolds

Porkchop / www.soundcloud.com/porkchop-deserthearts

Marbs / www.soundcloud.com/Marbs

Alongside Cirque Noir Headliners:

Cirque Noir [DJset] / www.soundcloud.com/cirquenoirmusic

Of The Moon / www.soundcloud.com/ www.soundcloud.com/ofthemoonmusic

and more details to come...

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Cirque Noir: Gemini
to Jun 18

Cirque Noir: Gemini


Jay Haze - Get Physical Music
KMLN - Crosstown Rebels /Sol Selectas Records
JULIO - Sheik 'n' Beik
and more...

Enter Gemini - the dark and the mysterious. The unique and the artistic. The sign of twins. Come join us for a celebration of both the creation and destruction of duality.

Silence inspires sound. Pain inspires pleasure. Dark inspires light. Come explore the dual nature of our reality - the dual nature of yourself - and rise above it into a space where ideas of wrong and right doing dissipate. And what's left when the limitations off duality fade? The essence of your true being. The energy of your unabashed spirit. The flow between yin and yang. 

Magic will ensue. The energy will be palpable. Gods and goddesses will awaken, if only for just one night. Join us for Gemini. You won't want to miss the magic!

Cirque Noir. Who are we, you ask? What are we, you ask? We are the artists and the alchemists. The mystics and the misfits. The enchanters and the energizers. The musicians and the magicians. We are the dark and the light. Committed to co-creating a movement where expression thrives.

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to Aug 26

Cirque Noir presents DAVI in LA at "Roads to Black Rock Desert"

Click Here For Tickets to the Circus

"One road leads home...a thousand roads lead into the wilderness..."

Roll out the carpets and pitch your tents for pre compression to the Roads of Black Rock Desert, with Cirque Noir in Downtown Los Angeles, August 25th. Clear your senses and let your feelings and emotions focus on an industrial musical circus. Your imagination will begin to conjure the rest of your journey once you arrive at the circus.

Surprises are better than promises...

Pre - compression to the roads of Black Rock Desert.

♪♪ Ringleaders of Sound:
DAVI / Crosstown RebelsAnjunadeep
Cirque Noir LIVE
Futurelix LIVE
r33f / ATX
Booki / LA

- Roads of Black Rock Desert Interactives -

Musical circus acts
Live crafted visuals by Taylo SpPank
Transformative Tribal Makeup and body Decorating by Marvaan
Black Roads memory maker Photo Station
Many more suprises to come...



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to Jul 16

Cirque Noir presents Behrouz at the "Eastern Escape"

TICKETS to the Night Circus: www.cirquenoir-behrouz.eventbrite.com

The next Night Circus comes to town on the eve of Friday the 15th of July.

Cirque Noir presents Behrouz  (DO NOT SIT ON THE FURNITURE- All Day I Dream) at our Eastern Escape. 
The desert winds are blowing in and the heat keeps on rising. We welcome the coming Circus and dream of its silken tales and mystical beats. 

Ringleaders of Sound:
Behourz - https://soundcloud.com/djbehrouzmusicdownload
Cirque Noir DJ Set - https://soundcloud.com/cirquenoirmusic
r33f / Jimmy Hackett - https://soundcloud.com/jameshackett
Bartlee https://soundcloud.com/bartleemusic

Julian Bajsel

Hype Lee

Micah Simmons

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to May 21

Cirque Noir presents Monkey Safari

Tickets: www.cirquenoir-monkeysafari.eventbrite.com

The next Night Circus comes to town on the eve of Friday the 20th of May. Cirque Noir will present Monkey Safari (Hommage - Jackmode Berlin) at our "Urban Oasis". 

A much needed respite in the heart of our city. Surrounded by concrete yet dreaming of the jungles, we welcome the impending sweltering summer inside the dark chill of Houston's favorite Post Office. Follow us up the rabbit hole as we explore all #PostHTX has hiding around it's historic corners.

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to Apr 24

Cirque Noir presents Satori & Gab Rhome


Cirque Noir is planting its stakes on April 23rd.

Join SatoriGab Rhome, & the Cirque Noir crew for the first Houston Circus of 2016. 

Come let yourself get painted, watch an artist create live, and let the melodic sounds transport you to another time & place. The Circus never stays for too long, so come to the place that let's you celebrate as you are. 

Ringleaders of Sound:
Satori [Live] - Underyourskin Records
Gab Rhome [Live] - Anjunadeep
Cirque Noir DJ Set
Jimmy Hackett

Jay Tovar
Julian Bajsel

Micah Simmons
RodD QuinN ArtT

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to Mar 20

Cirque Noir presents Pattern Drama at SXSW

Saturday, March 19th in Austin, Texas for SXSW. 


Cirque Noir is pitching it's tent in Austin, Texas for SXSW. 
Join Pattern Drama - Touch of Class Records, live #CirqueNoir residents, local #Austin artists, & circus performers sure to #KeepAustinWeird.

Come let yourself get painted, watch an artist create live, and let the melodic sounds transport you to another time & place. The Circus never stays for too long, so come to the place that let's you celebrate as you are. 

Ringleaders of Sound:
Pattern Drama (Touch of Class Records) 
Matsu Mixu (Live Electronic Duo)
Cirque Noir LIVE Ft. Bartlee
Bartlee (Live Band)

Jimmy Hackett / ATX
Christian Thomas / ATX
John Tran / HTX

Photography & Media:
Julian Bajsel
More to Come...

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to Sep 27

Cirque Noir presents "Bazaar Noir" with Super Flu & NITIN

For Tickets: www.cirquenoir-bazaarnoir.eventbrite.com

♪♪ Ringleaders of Sound:

Super Flu- Label Head at Monaberry 


Nitin-Label Head at No.19 Music 


Matsu Mixu Live - Cirque Noir resident 


⬤Kamyar - Cirque Noir resident


Roll out the carpets and pitch your tents for the Caravan has come to town... Bazaar Noir will awaken all your senses and delight every desire. Imagine the scent of open fire against the cooling fall air, the vision of artiste painting with wild abandon, the feel of worldly jewelry adorning your hands and feet, and most of all the sound of our Ring Leaders Super Flu- Monaberry and Nitin - No. 19 leading us through the night. 

September 26 is not to be missed. Cirque Noir's biggest event yet, lasting from sunset to sunrise. We can't wait to see you all at Bazaar Noir. 

****Bazaar Noir Interactive****

◕Boheme General Store by What Have You
◕Gypset Store by Priya
◕Reiki Japanese Energy Healing seen at #CirqueBlanc 
◕Live hand crafted visuals by Micah Simmons
◕Transformative Tribal Makeup 
◕Body Decorating Henna Artist 
◕Caravan memory maker Photo Station

Details to Come on our Curated Food Stations and Live Art Installations. 

More live acts and Cirque Noir performers to be announced. 




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to Feb 8

Le Privé: A Priya Fashion Fête

Presenting yet another delicious treat with installment IV of our infamous Le Privé parties, this time with a Twist.

Saturday, February 7th will be a new spin on an old favorite with Le Privé: A Priya Fashion Fête. Join us for Models, Jewels, Live Entertainment, & Dark Beats by the Cirque Noir Crew. 

Please be sure to RSVP so you don't miss the latest installment of Le Privé. 


Music Line Up: 

Live Performance from Matsu Mixu
Porcelain Monkeys

Fashion Line Up:



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